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Austin Convention Center

Venue Schedule

Mar 10, 2023
Opening Speaker: Simran Jeet Singh
Accelerating the Science of Cannabis
Culture, Legacy & Cannabis: Roadmap To Coexistence
Featured Speaker: Paul Stamets
The Flourishing $1T FemTech Industry
VR in Psychedelic Therapy- A Friend or a Foe?
Building an Antiracist Newsroom
Charting a New Map to Ethical Psychedelic Care
Clinical Trials: Innovating for Inclusion
Which Political Party Will Legalize Weed?
Cannabis Market Melts Down: What's Next?
Music as Medicine: Music as a Tool for Healing
Mar 11, 2023
Can the Union of Equity and Tech Save Cannabis?
Disinformation Defenses in Ukraine and Beyond
Featured Session: The Future is Electric
Redesigning Local News With Product Thinking
Solving the Global Healthcare Crisis
The Post-Roe Fertility Journey
Tunes&Trips: The Role of Pyschedelics in Music
Creating Robust Data Sets in Cannabis
Leveraging Data in Today's Film/TV Economy
Psychedelic Tech: Consciousness in the Modern Age
The Mind Game: Athletes and the Psychedelic Edge
Cannabis: A New Strain of E-commerce Technology
New Media for the New Space Age
Psychedelics for First Responders
The Problematic Fave Podcast
A Conversation with Eric Deggans
Annual Legal Update – Indie Film
Doctor’s Orders: Go Home!
How We Changed Our Minds About Psychedelics
No More Silos: Advancing Cannabis Social Equity
Producer Mentor: David Kaplan
The Art of Cannabis and Food Pairings
Mar 12, 2023
Creative Industries Expo
Cannabis Marketing Campaigns with Bite
Deepfakes to DALL-E: Real Rules for Fake Media
Psychedelics & the Next Economy
What’s Driving Digital Media Deals
Iconic Shows, New Streaming Audiences
The Future of Chemically Derived Cannabinoids
The Nocturnists on Shame in Medicine
KEYNOTE: Ryan Gellert
Featured Speaker: Kevin Kelly
Athlete/Stoner: Pros Pushing for Cannabis Reform
Consumer Preferences for New Cannabis Products
COVID, Mpox, Disease X, What’s Next?
5 Ways to Use Technology for Health Equity
Mar 12, 2023
4:00pm – 5:00pm CT
Presented by:
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
The Psychedelic Renaissance: High Hopes and Rising Criticisms
Mar 13, 2023
Creative Industries Expo
Birds Tell Us: Inspiring Conservation Through Art
Case Study in Sync: Advertising
Do Creatives and Scientists Think Alike?
Activating Diverse Communities Through Film
Is Elvis Back From the Dead? Ethical AI in Music
Social Issues Gain Voice at Point of Purchase
When Doctors Prescribe Misinformation
Periods on Tiktok!? Using Content to Crush Stigmas
90 Minute Film School
Building A Healthy Touring Model
Building Safe Spaces: Telling Our Stories
How to Ethically Game a Release
Urban Air Mobility: What’s Next?
Transforming Historical Suspicion into Confidence
The Future of Entertainmint
Mar 13, 2023
4:00pm – 5:00pm CT
Presented by:
Mar 14, 2023
Creative Industries Expo
Featured Speaker: Molly White
Music Licensing Beyond Web2
Smithsonian and Wiki: Open & Equitable Knowledge
Write a Brief: Create the Life You Want
Beyond the OP: Anime in the Music Industry
From Words to Worlds: New Social Generations
Sex and Web3: Is the Future of Sex On-Chain?
The Impact of GDPR for Music Rights Holders
What’s the Right Way to Travel?
Composer Buy-Outs: Unfair or Fair Enough?
Featured Speaker: RZA
Featured Speaker: Tommy Dorfman
How Songwriters Are Shaping Emerging Markets
The Streaming Debate: Lessons From Abroad
Who Do You Want To Be When You Die?
Indigenizing Systems
Mar 14, 2023
4:00pm – 5:00pm CT
Next Gen Stages for Next Gen Artists
Porsche X Uplabs : Can Collaborations Unlock the Future of Transportation?
Mar 15, 2023
Accessibility: The Next Big Thing in Tourism
Creating for The Second Puberty of Queer Adults
Disability Representation in Future Stories
Flatstock 84
Mar 15, 2023
10:00am – 5:00pm CT
Mental Health in the Music Industry
The Decentralization of Art as We Know it
Artists, You Don’t Have To Go Viral
Sports x Art: A Catalyst for Community
The Distro Deal Or The Distro Crisis?
The End of Events, The Dawn of Engagements
Wellness Shouldn’t Imply Whiteness
#DeathTok: How Gen Z is Reimagining Grief and Loss
Expanding The Possibilities of Audio Storytelling
Featured Session: Killer Mike
Rebuilding the Touring Industry from Scratch
US Indian Boarding Schools: The Stolen Generations
Space Innovations Changing the World
Trans 201: Beyond Pronouns and Bathrooms
Mar 16, 2023
Can Robots Create Life-Changing Songs?
Don't Lose Your Voice Trying to be Heard
Flatstock 84
Mar 16, 2023
10:00am – 5:00pm CT
How to Make US a Leader in AAM
Making Electric Mobility Practical for All
Reshaping STEM Museums with Community Partnerships
Where Does Diversity in Music Begin and End?
Adversity as an Incubator
Mar 16, 2023
11:30am – 12:30pm CT
Bringing Tech to Transit: NY's Unique P3 Model
Connected Rail Mobility from Across the Pond
How to Release an Album in 2023
How to Tour in 2023 Without Going Broke
Inhabiting the Story of Our Future
Lessons Learned from Country Music and Streaming
Who Gives A Sh!t About Indie Music?
Featured Session: Valerie June
Spotify for Artists Masterclass
The Opportunity Cost of Payment Lag in Music
The Rise, Fall and Rise of the Music Press