Featured Session: 2050: Digital Identity is a Human Right

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As we become more and more digital as a species, it’s critical that we don’t forget about our human rights. Something as simple as owning your identity becomes a complicated issue in the digital realm of the metaverse, web3 and web5. As we look out to the future of humanity, expanding simultaneously out to the stars and deeper into the digital, owning your Digital Identity will be a necessity.

But in an interconnected digital world, how can we be sure that our Digital Identities won’t be data mined, duplicated, or stolen? Join Sandy Carter, SVP, as she draws on her decades of experience being on the cutting edge to imagine a future where Digital Identity is seen as a Human Right. She'll give you a rundown of her five most mind blowing reasons that Digital Identity is inevitable.

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Sandy Carter

Unstoppable Domains

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