Charting a New Map to Ethical Psychedelic Care

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As we get closer to legal psychedelic therapy, models for modern delivery of compounds like psilocybin, MDMA and ketamine vary widely. Ketamine clinics and telemedicine lozenges abound. Other researchers are working on wearable devices to decrease cost and procedural barriers for future psychedelic patients. On the state level, Oregon’s legal, psilocybin services will be open for business in early 2023 – a model that allows for group experiences as well as one-on-ones with trained facilitators. In this panel, we’ll explore the ethical nuances and safety considerations of current and future psychedelic care and delivery models - including medical vs. non-medical, group therapy and retreats, client vulnerability and the nuances of consent while under the influence of an entheogen.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

Dr. Anthony Back

Cambia Palliative Care Center of Excellence

Myles Katz

The Synthesis Institute

Rebecca Nicholson

5D World and 5D Ventures

Gregg Peterson

Bexson Biomedical

This event will be in person


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