Creating for The Second Puberty of Queer Adults

Mar 15, 2023

10:00am – 11:00am CT

Recording: Creating for The Second Puberty of Queer Adults, Mar 15, 2023

Pop culture builds excitement around drama; we see this in teen movies, campus culture, and the dynamics of metropolitan queer communities. But why is it so commonplace to attach LGBTQ+ experiences to partying? Why might queer folks actually party more and later into life than their straight peers? As representation increases across TV, film, music, advertising, and beyond, the romantic highs and dysphoric lows in media featuring queer folks still relies heavily on partying, IRL and URL. And especially into adulthood. 45%+ of gay men over 25 have alcohol abuse disorder; trans folks are 3x as likely to abuse substances.

Let’s examine realities and possibilities around The Second Puberty of Queer Adults Who Party Too Much – while breaking storytelling cycles that enforce unhealthy myths.

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