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The Psychedelic Renaissance: High Hopes and Rising Criticisms

Mar 12, 2023

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

Recording: The Psychedelic Renaissance: High Hopes and Rising Criticisms, Mar 12, 2023

Demonized for decades, psychedelic exploration and research are experiencing a major resurgence. Non-medical consumption is on the rise, and a "paradigm shift" was diagnosed in the mental health field when the FDA declared psilocybin a "breakthrough therapy" for depression. Now more than 600 start-up companies are competing in this emergent healthcare market. How can we understand the significance of this psychedelic renaissance beyond utopian hopes and moral panics? And are psychedelics the miracle drugs we desperately want them to be? On this panel, The New School brings together anthropologist and historian of science, Nicolas Langlitz, and alumnus Hamilton Morris, chemist and journalist, to discuss why history appears to repeat itself as we enter a new era of psychedelic enthusiasm.

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photo of Nicolas Langlitz
Nicolas Langlitz

The New School

photo of Hamilton Morris
Hamilton Morris

Saint Joseph's University

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