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Featured Session: How Psilocybin Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

Mar 10, 2023

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Recording: Featured Session: How Psilocybin Mushrooms Can Help Save the World, Mar 10, 2023

The recent upsurge in interest in psilocybin mushrooms by the scientific community is attributable to their long use in history, their widespread use today, and the increasing number of clinical studies validating psilocybin as a breakthrough medicine. What is not yet well elucidated is the efficacy of microdosing and the mechanisms of action for neurogenesis and neurogeneration.

Paul will briefly speak of their historical use of psilocybin mushrooms and then explore the potential for neurological health based, in part, on recent results on molecular modes of action his team has discovered. Paul published his first book on psilocybin mushrooms 45 years ago, and five since. He leads a team who are uniquely positioned to develop new compositions and methods for helping human health with these powerful, ancient medicines. Clinical trials are being planned to test his theories, based, in part, on the 3 composition patents recently awarded to Paul on his psilocybin discoveries.

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photo of Paul Stamets
Paul Stamets

Fungi Perfecti Llc (Host Defense)

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