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Music Videos


Tame Impala - "Mind Mischief"

Director: David Wilson

In his film for Tame Impala's "Mind Mischief", David Wilson updates the age-old young male student/hot female teacher fantasy, viewing it through a nostalgic and psychedelic lens. The film marries Tame Impala's opulent and dreamy sound with equally dreamy imagery, with Wilson creating a video that depicts the raw, lustful vibrancy of teenage emotions across both live action and animation.

Mgmt - "Cool Song No. 2"

Director: Isaiah Seret

This is a high concept, narrative-driven music video, starring Michael Kenneth Williams as The Plant Hunter—a new jack thief who commandeers genetically engineered plants and processes them into euphoria-inducing drugs—and Henry Hopper as Tree, his lover who has been mutated by the drug and is undergoing the final chapter of a bizarre physical transformation

Passion Pit - "Cry Like A Ghost"

Director: DANIELS

DANIELS crafted a narrative surrounding one girl’s self-destructive behavior. Torn between lovers and in danger of spiraling out of control, the directors invented a visual language to augment her story by employing a combination of dance, hidden edits and complex staging the video seems to blur the boundaries of time and space and seems in danger of spinning out of control itself.

Nekrogoblikon - "No One Survives"

Director: Brandon Dermer

John wants what every man wants. The Promotion, The Girl, The Recognition. There's only one problem: HE'S A GOBLIN!

Joel Compass - "Back to Me"

Director: Ian and Cooper

Employing an experimental technique using “cinemagraphs”, Ian & Cooper tell a haunting story of a boy trying to bring his father back to life in Joel Compass’s "Back to Me". Akin to an “animated GIF”, the actors were filmed frozen in live action, rotoscoped out, and overlaid with a still image resulting in a subtly animated and eerily beautiful moving image

Vitalic - "Fade Away"

Director: Romain Chassaing

"Fade Away" is the official music video for electro french artist Vitalic. It follows a manhunt between professional killers, who want to get their hands on a mysterious suitcase. Each killer may be a victim of one of his “colleagues” leading to an endless loop of murders. Very cinematic, the film is a tribute to classic movies such as Goodfellas, Ghost Dog or Pulp Fiction.

Hiatus - "We can be ghosts now"

Director: Tom Jobbins

A geometric stop-motion love story. Two triangular characters find love amongst two warring states.

Siriusmo - "Itchy / Cornerboy"

Director: Jakob Grunert

The video follows a guy as he struts his long blonde ponytail and 49ers jacket around town. As the percolating "Itchy" comes to a close the video rolls into "Corner Boy," a space-age hip-hop cut.

Alagoas - "Brighton"

Director: Jeremiah Zagar

"Brighton" is the love story of a young urban couple who abandon their burgeoning careers in order to build a life in community-supported farming. But just as they begin to hit their stride, the grim onset of cancer threatens to topple their dream.

Raffertie - "Build Me Up"

Director: Vincent Haycock

Vincent Haycock’s monochrome beauty for London composer/producer Raffertie AKA Bejamin Stefanski is the stirring ‘Build Me Up”. Shot in the South Central district of Los Angeles, Vince has documented the lives of the three Mays brothers, with their family and friends as co-stars, with outstanding cinematography by Evan Prosofsky. Vince told Nowness magazine, "One of the aspects I liked most was the idea of turning the breaks in the song’s structure into natural pauses for the voice-overs, a musical element was still required here though so I composed some extra music derived from the choral backing vocals." Raffertie’s mused, heartfelt singing adds a personal depth and emotional punch that brings real weight to Vince’s masterpiece video. The heaviness and delicacy of the song against the black and white background is a combination that makes "Build Me Up" strikingly original.

Placebo - "Too Many Friends"

Director: Saman Kesh

Pay attention…and please write your answer in the comment section below.

The Vein - "Magma"

Director: Dvein

A journey through surreal, topographical landscapes of paint, mountains and faces: "Magma" is a visual, mind-bending adventure where moulten liquids and colours fuse together.

Deathcrush - "Lesson #16 for Beatmaster V/Fun"

Director: Kenneth Karlstad

In "Lesson #16 for Beatmaster V/Fun" we follow a group of rebellious brats who don't care about anyone but themselves. Not until a new and fascinating role model is introduced to dazzle their young, naive eyes.

My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant - "Opening Brace"

Director: Chris Toumazou

Shot on Super 16mm Film, "Opening Brace" follows a heightened and fictional day in the life of My Panda Shall Fly frontman, Suren Seneviratne. It makes for very kitsch and awkward viewing.

Floyd, Darling - "A Lake"

Director: Alberto Belli

Clubfeet - "Everything You Wanted"

Director: Josh Thomas

"Everything You Wanted" tracks a lead singer, aided by his cohort of musicians, on a mind bending journey down a single road, fulfilling frozen snapshots of moments that are about to occur.

Paper Kites - "Young"

Director: Darcy Prendergast

7 days to shoot 350+ faces, 10 days to assemble 4000+ photos.

Diplo "Revolution"

Director: Phil Pinto

This video is a cinematic, loose documentary-style snapshot of our culture. A portrait of where we're at right before the tipping point.

Sandra Kolstad - "Run Away"

Director: Yenni Lee

Sandra wakes up in the middle of abandoned and pale eerie fields, to find herself unconscious about a big and bloody wound on her chest. A screaming affliction that locks her in the state of gloom. Through a clinical and sharp performance, she conveys that she wants to run away. Sandra then takes us on a ride of escapism through nature and water.

Director: Various


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