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Mgmt - "Cool Song No. 2"


This is a high concept, narrative-driven music video, starring Michael Kenneth Williams as The Plant Hunter—a new jack thief who commandeers genetically engineered plants and processes them into euphoria-inducing drugs—and Henry Hopper as Tree, his lover who has been mutated by the drug and is undergoing the final chapter of a bizarre physical transformation

Director: Isaiah Seret

Executive Producer: Candice Ouaknine

Producer: Braxton Pope,

Cinematographer: Bradford Young

Editor: Luke Lynch

Production Designer: Jahmin Assa

Additional Credits: Stylist: Mindy LeBrock, Colorist: Alex Bickel, Commissioner: Bryan Younce, Stunt Choreography: Wayne Dalgish, VFX: Andres Barrios

Principal Cast: Michael Kenneth Williams, Henry Hopper


Isaiah is a Kabul-born filmmaker who got his start as an assistant director on feature films made by Tibetan monks. Bringing his colorful background to his directing work, Isaiah's ambition was defined through his spectacular take on the music video, often elevating his genre specific videos to transcendent levels

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Lizzy DeVan


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