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Too Phliy


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While the violent, drug infested streets of our nation’s capital may have enslaved many of D.C.’s youth, God’s grace and mercy would ensure the survival of one of his servants; so he might go forth with the order and will of God through his lyrical gift. Born and raised in the “Capital City,” Tywan Lewis would overcome many trials and temptations and give life to the anointed gospel lyricist known as “Too Phliy.”

As a youth and student of the diverging sounds flowing through D.C.’s airwaves, Tywan committed himself to mastering the art and science of the music profession. At the age of 10, Tywan gained a passion for rap music and began developing his lyrical skills. He honed his lyrical skills during his eighth grade year as a member of a local Go-Go Band (music genre native to D.C.). Ty spent the next few years rapping for several other Go-Go bands before exploring his musical aspirations as a drummer.

Realizing that his lifestyle was causing him more problems than they were worth and that his destiny was controlled by a mightier power than himself, Tywan submitted his life to Christ and reprioritized his musical interests. Although he retained his love for music, Ty slowly began withdrawing from the Go-Go culture and started seeking God’s will for his life. This led to Ty abandoning music all together, to pursue other business ventures such as real estate and multi level marketing; all while increasing his faith in God. However, Ty’s love for music remained at the core of his heart.

Two years after giving his life to Christ, God called Tywan to preach the gospel. While Ty loved preaching the gospel, God did not position him in a pulpit to carry out His will; He had other plans for Tywan instead. God may not have given Tywan a pulpit, but he definitely blessed him with a platform. God positioned Ty behind a microphone, anointed every lyric that departed his lips and subsequently gave birth to Too Phliy! In turn, Too Phliy deserted his business aspirations to pursue ministry full time as a Christian rap artist.

While Tywan credits his mentor Kevin Ham for giving him the moniker “Too Phliy,” he thanks God for giving him his true identity – Too Phliy (Taking Off Oppression Putting His Life In You)

Too Phliy has taken up residence with the collaborative music team of Christ Musiq, which is proving to be the true venue whereby God is using Too Phliy to fulfill the calling on his life.

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