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Young and focused, Bobby “Tre9” Herring started Much Luvv Records, a Christian record label, in 1998. Since its inception, Much Luvv Records has released over 17 albums and changed the lives of thousands.

In October 2008, God called Tre9 to full-time missions; which led to the formation of All Eyes on Me, Inc., a non-profit organization that serves the youth and homeless in Houston. Growing up as an inner city teen himself, Tre9 always had a passion and gift to minister to inner city adolescents. This passion later gave rise to Hip Hope Tuesday, a non-traditional church Tre9 pastors in Houston’s 5th ward that uses hip hop to spread the word of God. Along with the help of his wife, Amanda, and faithful volunteers, he also manages Feed a Friend Ministries; which feeds the homeless in downtown Houston.

The impact that Tre9 has had can be felt beyond the confines of Houston, TX. He also has an international focus on missions in the U.K. Brazil, and Jamaica, where he has travelled annually for public outreach. He was also honored at the 2010 Ensound Music Awards as a trailblazer in Christian hip-hop for co-founding, a leading news source and media site for Christian hip-hop culture.

Tre9 launched his latest venture, Hip Hop Hope Unity Conferences, in 2011. These conferences educate, equip, and inspire Christian hip-hop artists to have a mission mindset, discover their calling, and unify for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Although Tre9 has many different ministries, he has one single mission—changing people’s lives through Christ.

For more information visit:,,, or www.AllEyesOnMeInc.Com.

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