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New Generation

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New Generation was organized in December of 2008 by four biological brothers of which whom began in music and ministry at a very young age, never having had lessons or gone to music school, but learned by experience in their home church. Two members of the group are ordained ministers and have been preaching for over 10 years! God has truly blessed these gifted and anointed young men to deliver His message through song and ministry, and want to share that blessing with others. God has recently blessed to have an addition to the group. We welcome our new lead guitar player, Donzell Taylor. We are the Next Generation of Gospel Music, Keeping Gospel music alive! Listen to our single REJOICE featuring Alexis Jones of the Jones Family Singers, who will also be performing at the SXSW festival!!

Mario Rivers is the Manager/ Keyboard player for the group, and is the primary songwriter for the group, with New Generation assisting in the arrangement of the music. He started Big State Entertainment in 2001, and is currently executive producing the debut album "He Will Provide" from New Generation. Also currently launched Quartet-Entertainment website uniting Traditional Gospel Artists locally and over the country.

Antaun Stewart is the Drummer for the group, and helps to arrange the songs God places on our hearts to write and sing. This spirit filled young man has played all over the United States with major artists and has now settled into ministering in a new era as New Generation's drummer and "tenor man".

Minister Marcus Stewart is the Bass player/lead singer for the group, and is an occasional songwriter as well. He is an ordained minister and has been preaching for over 10 years.You can also request for this young spirit filled preacher to preach at one of your engagements or your church as well. On the contact us page, request "preacher"in the comments section.

Rev. Alonzo Stewart is the lead singer/ bass player, and occasional songwriter for the group and is also an ordained minister and has been preaching for over 10 years as well. He is the youngest of the four, and leads New Generation into a new era, where he ministers the word through song and through preaching.

Donzell Taylor recently joined the group, and he is the lead guitar player. He has been in the ministry for over 30 years and now joins New Generation in the fight for the kingdom. He created the musical idea for the new song *Scripture.

Tajarel Samples also recently has joined as our new 2nd keyboardist (strings, organ) and has been playing for over7 years!

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