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Jerrell Johnson


Listen to Nothing

At 22 years of age, Jerrell Johnson has God-given wisdom that surpasses that of many of his peers. He has a way with people and with music that could only be credited to God. Jerrell Johnson began writing music at an early age but his love for music didn’t always include God. After being witnessed to by a friend from school, Jerrell’s life was forever changed. Using his life experiences to mold and shape his message, Jerrell began to work on music for a full project. In 2008, he released an album called Love Is My Anthem to the general public and the reaction to the album was incredible. People were touched by his transparency and by the way he approached and introduced the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In the year 2009, he released a second project, free to the public, called The Green Screen. As his fans continued to request more music he continued to write. His latest release, Peanut Butter and Jealousy, was released in 2010 and is featured on popular music review website such as and His single, Peanut Butter has received airtime on Spirit Fm as well as The Righteous Temple of Hip Hop, on 88.5 Fm. Jerrell has recently opened for Group1 Crew and has worked with artists such as Urban D. (Pastor Tommy Kyllonen), Sicily and Ker-Leen.
His latest project, ‘True Colors’ was released October 1, 2011 worldwide. In this album, Jerrell shares his life experiences with listeners and gives his fans a front row seat to the episodes of his life. With Christ at the center of his message, Jerrell uses people as an inspiration for his art. This album currently has an average rating of 5 starts on iTunes as it has impacted the lives of all who have heard it. It also currently ranks in the top 25 of Christian hip-hop albums on iTunes charts.

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