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Wesley Bray

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History of Artist

Surrendering all Praises, Glory, and Honor to God almighty! Through His Son, and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for allowing me, Wesley Bray, to be used as an instrument of Praise. I have been working in the Gospel Music Ministry for many years. At the age of 16, I developed a love for Gospel Music, after walking through the house one day, and hearing for the first time, my mother and my sisters trying to form a family quartet. At that time, the Lord put in my spirit that I could do this. Well, needless to say, my mother and sisters did not see it that way. But the seed was planted. I was given my first chance to play with a Gospel Group not long after. The Group was called the Soul Revivers. God gave me such a love for music, that within the three years that I stayed with the group, I learned to play a guitar, sing, and write songs. Before I left the Group I had become the Music Director. I didn’t realize at the time, that God was preparing me for things to come. In 1985 I moved to Austin, Texas. I became co-founder of a Gospel Group called Malachi.
I worked with this Music Ministry until 1999. Within that time we recorded a 45 single, an Album, a CD, a 10 song cassette tape, and a video. Our first Album was chosen as Album of the week on the nationally syndicated Bobby Jones show. Our last CD in 1998 was put in the running for a Grammy Award. Malachi disbanded in 1999. By this time, my wife, Cynthia Bray, who had sung with me in the Group Malachi, was expecting our 2nd child. For the next five years I stayed home with my wife and children. In 2003, I joined the world famous Original Bells of Joy in which I played guitar, was a lead singer, and a backup singer. In 2008, the Lord gave me a vision for a new Music Ministry called Wesley Bray and the Disciples of Joy. I began writing, and recording songs even before the group was formed. Trusting that God would send me the right people, after continual prayer, God sent to me Brother Oscar (OT) Taylor. Brother Taylor became a great additive to the vision the Lord had given me with this new CD, Heaven.

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