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Viktory, a businessman, family man and Ordained Minister,
born to a 16 year old mother on Chicago’s hardened south
side. From the sudden murder of his best friend, to the loss of
his 3rd child, Viktory’s faith has been tested and solidified.

Viktory has made it his life’s mission to see the fulfillment of
his call to ministry. He currently serves as Armor Bearer
working with the pastor of his local church where he uses
Christian Hip Hop music as an outlet for his message of hope,
love, and triumph through Jesus Christ.

The youth group leader, bible study teacher, and critically
acclaimed Christian Rap Artist has been courted by a myriad
of top tier Christian & secular record labels. When asked
about his decision to remain independent he states, “I want to
be free to hear and move with God. I have a burden to see
people touched and affected in a new and real way".

After achieving Deans List status at his local college, Viktory
decided that he would tie his business skills into his ministry.
Viktory also runs a marketing and project management
company that boasts clients such as Byron Cage, AT&T,
Home Depot, Jennifer Holliday, and many more.

”I beleive that every Child of God has a divine purpose, in
addition to my call to evangelism, its my mission to help
others discover thier purpose in and through Christ. I want to
see everyone in fellowship with Jesus Christ, music is only
one avenue I use to accomplish that goal.”, says Viktory.

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