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The Pollies


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Critical Praise for “Where The Lies Begin”:

“They sound like a classic band living in their own time zone. Maybe a little different from the one you check into regularly, but still worth checking out.” - Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes in MOJO Magazine’s “My Favorite Things” feature

"So when their debut record Where the Lies Begin opens up with gentle swells of feedback dissected by a clear guitar line, you can’t help thinking of Wilco or My Morning Jacket"- PopMatters

"Welcome to the world of The Pollies – where the fenders of beauty are rusted out and the muffler fell off a while back, but oh , sweet Jesus … what a ride."- Jambands.com/Relix

“Where the Lies Begin has plenty of great tracks, resulting in a phenomenal debut for this Alabama-based group” - Obscure Sound

"A brilliantly crafted indie masterpiece with a Southern accent from Muscle Shoals" - When You Motor Away

"The craftsmanship in Where The Lies Begin manifests itself through the album; it doesn’t try to overcompensate with some furious opening track; rather it draws the listener in with melodies, sound textures, polish and a steady, rhythmic beat” - Florence Times-Daily

"Think early Wilco, kind of; shimmering, fuzzed-out, eerie guitars with a bottle slide edge to them, and hypnotically repetitive choruses. A remarkable debut from a Muscle Shoals supergroup" - Brand New Kind Of

"The Pollies kind of sound like Tom Petty playing with early My Morning Jacket on a Jeff Tweedy produced project" - Peter Grumbine (last.fm)

“Where The Lies Begin blends seamlessly into a jaded, almost traditional country sound of fear and loathing in the South” - Relix

"There’s something about The Pollies that screams “this is not the last time you’re gonna hear from us,” and thats an awesome thing. If there is one young band to get behind and be a champion of, me thinks The Pollies is where its at" - Captains Dead

"It’s open, inviting, passionate and tuneful. It’s twangy, but not southern rock. Soulful, but not R&B" - Farce The Music

"Jay Burgess’s voice is ragged enough to sound like he’s been a few places, but sweet enough to make your heart clench a little" - No Depression


It’s optimistic. Reflective. Powerful. Contemplative. Seething. Personal. Bold.

Simply put, it’s a statement of purpose.

Where The Lies Begin is the debut record from The Pollies—a collection of songs that defy categorization and signal the arrival of this oft-buzzed-about Muscle Shoals, AL group onto the national scene.

“It’s more of a statement that sums up the record,” explains lead singer and guitarist Jay Burgess. “It tells stories from my childhood to the present-day. As the record ends, there are definite points where I’m coming to terms and drawing conclusions from those stories.”

Just like the stories that make up the record, the actual process of writing and recording Where The Lies Begin has been years in the making—literally. It began as the brainchild of Burgess and bassist Chris James, whose musical partnership began in Muscle Shoals group Sons of Roswell. While time ticked on, the lineup of the band went through changes. Life happened, as it always does. Nevertheless, work on the record continued.

While members began settling into the group, the sound of The Pollies continued to evolve— and after a year of consistent touring, this version of the group (with Daniel Stoddard, Matt Green and Reed Watson) has emerged as the definitive edition. Overwhelmingly positive press and accolades from around the world have followed, and the band is writing material for a followup record, tentatively scheduled to be released in early 2014.

Where The Lies Begin lit a match— the band’s live show continues to stoke a rapidly spreading fire.

And with that, The Pollies are introducing themselves to the world. It’s been a long time coming, too. Anyone who knows this band knows that the journey to this point has been, well, quite a journey. Where The Lies Begin acts as a snapshot of that time— a stirring moment in the imagination of artists, captured to tape and converting new fans, week after week.

To The Pollies, the journey is still worth singing about.

Hear it for yourself.

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