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No Brain


Powered by raw vocals, razor guitars, and sharp suits, Korea's premier punk brigadiers < No Brain > have notched 3,000+ shows in over 15 years to stomp up K-Pop charts and march across Korean Music Award red carpets with a series of rowdy smash hits that have become arena rock anthems.


2008 Korean Music Awards (Netizens Choice : Rock Artist of the Year)
2007 Korean Music Awards (Band of the Year)
2007 Korean Music Awards (Rock Song of the Year - Nominee)
2005 Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Culture Award)
1999 MTV International Viewer's Choice Award (Korea - Nominee)


2012 Busan International Rock Festival (Korea)
2012 Lets Rock Festival (Korea)
2012 Green Plugged Festival (Korea)
2011 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)
2011 Lets Rock Festival (Korea)
2011 Green Groove Festival (Korea)
2011 Green Plugged Festival (Korea)
2010 Lets Rock Festival (Korea)
2009 Busan International Rock Festival (Korea)
2009 Lets Rock Festival (Korea)
2009 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)
2008 Lets Rock Festival (Korea)
2007 Busan International Rock Festival (Korea)
2007 Lets Rock Festival (Korea)
2006 Busan International Rock Festival (Korea)
2001 Fuji Rock Festival (Japan)


2010 'Soldiers of Korea' South Africa World Cup Anthem
2006 Vampire Cop Ricky' Movie OST
2006 'Radio Star' Movie OST
2006 'Radio Star' Movie Special Appearance
2006 'Magang Hotel' Movie OST
2006 Germany World Cup Celebration Album

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