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Devin Miles


Listen to Jet Lag (prod. Ricquo Jones)

The city of Pittsburgh is known as the “City of Champions”, and it is the mindset of hard work and determination that propels the city to heights that others cannot reach. Brewing in the depths of the cities core is a rare breed of Emcee keen on musical competency and excellence with the mindset of that city, which he represents. Ever since writing lyrics as a kid with his older brother, to rocking crowds of peers throughout high school years, to now giving shivers to those once seen as superiors, there is no feat that can restrain his progress. As the Captain and General of a team of on the rise heavy-hitters, Devin Miles moves towards bringing not the next, but The big movement to come out of the city of Pittsburgh right now and for years to proceed. The responsibility to bring to fruition a complete musical dominance out of the city that has seen some before, is a load that Mr. Miles willingly, and with great demeanor, carries on his back and uses to motivate his constant musical process. Devin Miles is the college kid of the present, and the rising star of the future, with the lyrical capacity to rival any name in discussion with plenty of attributes to spare. The future holds nothing but success for the 21-year old Emcee, and his movement will be nothing less than life changing…

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