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Hollow Jan


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A new alternative for the Korean heavy metal and postrock scene! Hollow Jan, the one and only screamo band in Korea, have been paving their own path in the Korean rock scene. Their music has charmed fans with an addicting and unique new sound. Hollow Jan's compositions feature more layers and depth than standard pop music, while live they offer distinctive stage presence and explosive performances.

Press Quotes

"Hollow Jan presented one of the most extraordinary and phenomenal performance that can not be seen at any other K-pop shows."
- The Korea Herald Business

"They have the best of both worlds: strong ties to the local underground music scene while also a finely tuned, meaningful sound that seems to resonate with domestic audiences."
-Broke in Korea Zine

"I havent heard hardcore that has this specific tone and that makes it much more special."

"Hollow Jan is one of the finest acts Korea has to offer."
-Indieful ROK

"HOLLOW JAN without doubt has what it takes to make a breakthrough on the international scene."

"Sorrowful Beauty, Hollow Jan."
-Naver Onstage

"Timeless and Inspiring Performances"
-Daum Music

Awards and Honors

- Daum Music / 100 memorable songs throughout Korean indie history (Blaze the Trail)
- Daum Music / 100 memorable albums throughout Korean indie history (Rough Draft in Progress)

- Naver Onstage / The best artist of the year

- Korean Music Awards / The best rock album of the year(Winner)
- Korean Music Awards / The best album of the year(nominee)
- Korean Music Awards / The best song of the year(nominee)
- Korean Music Awards / The best new artist of the year(nominee)
- Korean Music Awards / The best rock band of the year(nominee)


2013 Providence(France) Tour in Korea
2012 Jisan Valley Rock Festival(Korea)
2009 No Turning Back(Germany) Tour in Korea
2009 Dong Du Cheon Rock Festival(Korea)
2009 Pentaport Rock Festival(Korea)
2008 Ssamzie Sound Festival(Korea)
2008 Crazy Festival (Japan)
2008 Nicotine(Japan) Tour in Korea
2008 M-Net Fireball Festival(Korea)
2008 Nature Living(Japan) Tour in Korea
2008 Next Floor Festival (Korea)
2008 Horse The Band(U.S.A) Tour in Korea
2007 Ssamzie Sound Festival (Korea)
2007 Pentaport Rock Festival (Korea)
2007 Shachi & Kaneko (Japan) Tour in Korea
2006 Gwang Myeong Music Valley (Korea)
2005 Ark Angel(Belgium) Tour in Korea
2005 The Local Art (Japan) Tour in Korea
2004 Ssamzie Sound Festival (Korea)


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