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Golden Youth


Golden Youth challenges all prevailing expectations on debut release, Quiet Frame; Wild Light. Combining woodwinds, strings and unconventional percussion, they assign a fresh sound to each track. Top that off with soaring female vocals and traditional acoustic instruments and you have a record that earns its place in your collection for years to come.

Although Stephanie Lauren and Kyle Monroe are the driving force behind the band, their live show contends the classic, stripped-down duo sound. Backed by a handful of other musically talented friends, Golden Youth exhibits a huge, powerful live presence. From beginning to end, the passion and energy reflects the uncanny contentment each musician senses when they step on stage.

Formed in 2012, Golden Youth is the product of two singer/songwriters from separate bands, curiously joining forces to see what happened when their creativity collided. "Golden Youth is based on friendship," Kyle shares. "It just so happens that we all really enjoy playing music together." After writing, recording and sending out several songs, Golden Youth decided to partner with Slospeak Records in 2012, due to the label's efforts to create a comfortable and supportive family-style setting.

With Quiet Frame; Wild Light released and new songs in the works, Golden Youth has only begun to establish themselves as a band of talent that creates not only charming tunes, but also a unique listener experience. The real challenge is keeping their whimsical tracks out of your most pleasant dreams.

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