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Perrosky has been the name of a soloist, a duo and a trio, but without confusion, is a registered trademark of rock and blues the Chilean style.
Alejandro Gómez, named by his friends as Perrosky, moved from Copiapó to Santiago in the late 90's to study composition at the Modern School of Music. While trying to decipher and write sheet music for string ensembles, he spent time writing songs influenced by American blues legends which he played on acoustic guitar and harmonica and recorded in a precarious four-track recorder. It was the turn of the century, and Alejandro with his brother, drummer Alvaro Gómez, the bassist Bernardita Martinez and the guitarist Alvaro Guerra started out their garage rock group “Guiso”.
Established in an old house in the neighborhood of Providencia, the brothers Alvaro and Alejandro Gómez founded in 2000 the label named Algorecords. This would be vital in the career of several of the most important rock bands of recent times in Chile and through this label Alejandro released in 2001 the songs that had accumulated during a couple of years. The debut, cassette format named “Añejo”, included six original songs plus a version of the Mississippi bluesman Robert Johnson; despite its low coverage attracted the attention of the music press due to the simplicity and honesty of the compositions, the skill on guitar, harmonica arrangements and a deep voice.
After the release of that first record, Alejandro Gomez quitted the university and began to perform live, but soon realized he needed to deliver a more powerful show, so his brother Alvaro joined on drums and went from acoustic guitar to electric. Dressed in their brown suits which until now distinguish them, they started now as a duo, touring the capital scenarios under the same name, Perrosky in parallel with their band Guiso, which was already considered by the local press as one of the hottest names of the new Chilean rock with other artists on their label, such as The Ganjas, Hielo Negro and Tsunamis.
During 2004 the Gomez brothers with a more defined sound thanks to more and more compact concerts issued a new EP called “Otra Vez” which besides rock and blues also included a “Ranchera” and a cover of The Velvet Underground. This record came to enlarge the prestige of Perrosky and resulted in invitations to perform in the most important venues in the capital city and regions; however there was something important still missing, an LP that could be able to synthesize the real sound and proposal of Perrosky.
Recorded by them in analogous format in their own studio, “El Ritmo y la Calle” appeared in early 2007 and marked the definitive consecration of Perrosky. This is a conceptual work that collates recordings of Santiago`sstreet musicians with their own songs in which Perrosky exhibits a range of influences ranging from sloppy rock and blues from old school up to hints of Mexican music and compositions close to the South American folklore.
The versatility, originality and good sound of this work was unanimously agreed by the music press, which devoted rave reviews and placed “El Ritmo y la Calle” as one of the best albums of 2007 in almost all rankings, from the most humble website to the most prestigious newspapers and magazines. And not only in Chile, because after the appearance of the record the duo presented their songs in the city of Buenos Aires;also in Uruguay and Brazil, performing in the massive Goiana Noise Rock Festival, obtaining great interest from local media, with extensive notes in local radio stations and magazines like Rolling Stone or Inrockuptibles.
With presentations throughout Chile and invitations to open international shows of Calexico, Yann Tiersen, and The Evens, turned into one of the most active names of local rock scene, Perrosky launched in 2008 “Doblando al Español”, a record that was an old ambition of Alejandro Gomez. Coveredsongs of Johnny Cash, Ramones, Little Richard, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Los Iracundos acquire in this registration new forms and sounds, thanks to Perrosky´s translations, skillfully adapted to the Chilean language.
Like his previous releases, “Doblando al Español” was recognized as one of the best albums of the year and meant new invitations, now from Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico, which Perrosky toured with distinguished Chilean musicians, Pedropiedra and Gepe.
Due to this trip, the aztec label Intolerance issued once again “El Ritmo y la Calle” and brought Perrosky back to Mexico in 2009, with successful performances in several cities of that country, in relevant scenarios as the Spanish Cultural Center or the Diego Rivera Festival together with other Chilean names like Fernando Milagros and Pedropiedra.
2010 was the most productive year in the career of Perrosky. In March this duo released an EP named “Campante y Sonante”, with five songs, three months later “Son del Montón” eight songs, some that belonged to “El Ritmo y la Calle” and new compositions.-Then in October the biggest success of their career “Tostado” an EP recorded, produced and mastered in New York by the modern rock'n'roll legend Jon Spencer, recognized worldwide for renewing the sound of rock and blues in front of bands like Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash. This meant a qualitative leap in the career of Perrosky, because thanks to the assistance of Jon Spencer and his partner Matt Verta-Ray, who also played on all songs, Perrosky’s music reached heights never before achieved by this duo. The album was presented in Santiago, after which Perrosky with the band Philippina Bitch undertook an extensive tour of fifteen dates heading south first and returning back to the central part of the country with great success big audiences and critics.
Meanwhile, 2011 is characterized by the production of vinyl and a busy schedule of live performances, including several foreign tours. Earlier this year, they visited Brazil where they took the opportunity of making their first 7-inch through a joint venture between their label, Algorecords, and the Río record label, Gravadora Discos. The album includes the songs: “En a línea”, from the celebrated "Tostado", and “Todo” (Jon's Jam), an unpublished track with Jon Spencer. Back in Chile, they prepared for their next major tour abroad. Perrosky performed for the first time in European stages, Germany and Spain are the countries visited on a tour that included an incredibly successful participation in the prestigious Catalan festival Primavera Sound. Before returning to Chile, they made a small scale in Buenos Aires, where they also received high praise from the public and press. Then, Perrosky maintained playing in local stages until they got into a plane to Brazil for the Fora do Eixo Panamericana Rock Tour. In just over two weeks, the Chilean duo accompanied by the local band Autoramas, made 16 presentations in 15 Brazilian cities.
Also, thanks to a partnership between Algorecords and Discos Río Bueno, Perrosky launches "Tostado" on vinyl, having a great reception from their fans. Furthermore, in November the band performed in Maquinaria Festival 2011, one of Chile´s most important events, were they shared stage with great international artists like: BRMC, Sonic Youth, Alince in Chains and Faith No More, among others.
In March 2012 the band goes on tour again, visiting for the third time Aztec lands to play in Vive Latino Festival, where they performed a powerful show that captivated the audience, who didn´t stop dancing to Perrosky. In addition, the band took the opportunity to launch a 7 "promo, "Todos quieren llegar". The new single from their latest album, plus a bonus track "No me gustan los demás", both produced by Jon Spencer and Matt Verta Ray. The design of the disc was done by Jorge Alderete, a great Mexican designer featured in the surf movement and rockabilly. “Perrosky” also tour through Spain, performing in Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla and Cadiz, in this last city they were part of the prestigious Monkey Week festival. In Chile, they end 2012 playin in La Cumbre del Rock, a great Chilean festival dedicated to national music.
Currently Perrosky is about to release their fourth full-length: "Vivos". The album was produced by both Gómez brothers and contains 13 songs.
"Alive" echoes the interesting proposal that the group has been working for a while, giving American roots sounds like blues, country, punk and rockanrol, a “Chilean touch” transforming them into something where clearly both the composition of songs and sounds are totally recognizable and inimitable.
In 2013, Perrosky is also played at Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil, being the only Chilean band in the Brazilian version of the festival.

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