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Satchel Grande


Listen to Can I Borrow Your Lighter

Though they’re from Omaha, Nebraska, Satchel Grande sounds like they’ve lived the majority of their lives on Mars, or The Mighty Boosh’s Old Gregg’s lair. Yes, Satchel Grande has an electronic sound that’s more Breakbot than Daft Punk. They could be the perfect gateway band for those listeners looking to traverse the realm of ’70 disco-inspired dance music to taste generously reined-in funk. Consider them the toe you dip hesitantly into the hot tub of dance-funk. Beginning as a one-man show and developing over the years into a full-fledged, nine-person funk/soul/pop band, these groove aficionados can now call themselves a musician collective. The combination of guitars, sax, and some frisky keys, allows the music to play with a gleeful ebb and flow that echoes the mood of a damn good George Clinton/Chromeo remix. Tracks from their album Dial ‘M’ for Moustache’, like“Workin’ Title”, have the potential to be a pre-game anthem. Easily danceable and singable, Satchel Grande are straight-up the most fun(k) you’ll have shakin’ your tail feathers to.
-Courtesy of Blair Stiles (Eleven 8.3)

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