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Warrior Spirit Band


Listen to Heart in your hand

We are the Warrior Spirit Band, formed in 2009 by SSG(ret) Paul Delacerda. We are the first nationally recognized wounded warrior band, comprised of combat wounded veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. We travel the US playing for wounded warriors and veterans on military bases and at veterans functions. Warrior Spirit sends a very important message: It’s not the disability that stops you; it’s the ability to want to push forward and accomplish what others thought impossible. That very Warrior Spirit is what we strive to show in our music and throughout our personal stories. We want to continue to help veterans and civilians move forward -and never give up!

Our mission is the following:

 Share our stories about overcoming our disabilities through music;
 Spend time with soldiers at hospitals, Warrior Transition Units around the services, and with those that have just begun their journey;
 Showcase the talents of our wounded warriors and show the nation what they are capable of through various media outlets; and
 Deliver comfort items and instruments to jump start the healing process.
The road to recovery starts the very moment a soldier is injured. As wounded warriors ourselves, Warrior Spirit understands, identifies and communicates with those that need help the most. Warrior Spirit wants to walk that road beside those that have given so much for our country and freedom. We will never leave a fallen comrade behind.