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Fed of Me


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Who is Fed of Me? Well...they are the next band you're going to be shoving down your friends throat once you listen to this 5 piece prog/metal band from south Texas! With guitar riffs from Jacob Vasquez and Jay Cavazos that will make you snap your neck unwillingly while you head bang out of control. Bass rumblings from Bert(onius) Cantu that will make you feel like you have missed the last few trips to the bathroom while that deep penetrable sounds wrecks your insides. Drums so technical and bone shattering that when you hear the name Richard Ferguson, it will make you rethink the meaning of life and why you are here, and vocals from John (Fate) Rodriguez that will have those demons in your closet looking over their shoulder in fear for what might be.

Fed of Me has supported acts such as Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, Divine Heresy, Ministry, Spineshank, Mureau, Volumes, Straight line Stitch, Psycostick, Threat Signal, Impending Doom, Iwrestledabearonce, Molotov Solution, White Chapel, and more.

So who is Fed of Me really? They are all those who at some point were so fed up with what life handed them they sought to change what fate had in store, and for those who need the help, we will lead the way! We are!! Fed of Me!!!