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SCANNeRS --- the story so far…

SCANNeRS was formed seven years ago in London’s Camden Town. Having written several albums worth of songs and getting frustrated with not being able to move on they decided to make their first album themselves! The result was ‘Violence is Golden’ which was recorded in the bedrooms of different flats as they moved around the city.

By a strange twist of fate LA based Dim Mak Records boss Steve Aoki heard one of the tracks through the magic of the internet and arranged to meet with the band on a trip to London. After a visit to a rehearsal he declared his desire to release 'Violence is Golden' out in the States. And so it was that the album was released on the 6/6/2006 to much critical approval from people such as Perez Hilton, Aversion and the LA Times. Scanners spent several months touring the West Coast supporting bands like Datarock, Forward Russia the Horrors and the Rakes. They got to check out LA with the Dim Mak crew who run a lot of the party scene there. They also were really well received at SXSW where a talent scout for NBC saw them perform and asked them to play on the 'Carson Daly' show which goes out coast to coast on US TV. Singles ‘Lowlife’ and ‘Raw’ were played on Radio 1 and 6 in the UK and KROQ in the States.

Scanners follow up album was ‘Submarine’. It was co-produced with Stephen Hague who has worked with Blur, New Order and other big names. Released in 2010 the first single ‘Salvation’ was an internet hit after being used on the series ‘Gossip Girl’.

Scanners have toured across the UK, Europe and the States. They have played at festivals such as Rockness in Scotland, the Secret Garden festival in the UK, to Eurockeenes in France, having a good time almost everywhere along the way. They also were asked to play a special one off gig at a TED conference in Oxford. There they rubbed shoulders (a bit) with prime ministers and other important people until they were thrown out.

Their new album ‘Love is Symmetry’ will be released early in 2013…

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