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Hybridity and Idol Hanse DJs


Hybridity Music is a label focused on showcasing artists working in the cross-pollination of performance, music, art, and technology. We are committed to working as an artist run label, and view each artist as a collaborator in an overarching vision toward creating hybrid artworks. We develop concepts and narratives with and for our artists, constantly looking to new perspectives, focusing on how ideas cross and morph between forms and effect audiences.
Hybridity Music is part of a larger concept and vision which acknowledges the interwoven practices in contemporary art, music and culture. Hybridity conceptualizes, creates, and produces large scale installation art works. Many of these projects combine both Audio and Visual elements with a focus on creating immersive environments for our audiences.
Hybridity is made up of a collection of artists, producers, thinkers, and technicians. The company works as a collaborative team to create innovative projects, which fuse technological expertise and artistic practice.
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