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Zak Waters


It’s 12:40 a.m. on a Saturday night, drinks are being poured and your living room is starting to look like Studio 54. Better hope you’ve got Zak Waters’ on the stereo.

Oozing with confidence, sex appeal, and a Jackson Five’s worth of charismatic vocal ability, this flourishing young multi-talented singer and musician has perfected the pop formula with a new record of undeniably infectious dance hits. Blending the futuristic funk of Jamiroquai, the pulsing electro-beat of Daft Punk, and the classic groove of Earth, Wind, and Fire, Waters’ music instantly appeals to anyone with eardrums and a pulse.

Having seen his first taste of success as a member of Universal/Motown's pop/rock group Blueskyreality, Waters signed a worldwide publishing agreement with Warner/Chappell Music in 2010 and has been shaking up dance floors across the country with his impressive and ambitious solo work ever since. With a brand new solo album, New Normal, written and recorded entirely by the singer himself with co-producer and writing partner Jarrad Kritzstein, Waters is proving that you don’t need a gimmick when you combine a world-class songwriting ability with an other-worldly set of pipes.

Brent Burns at sums things up with shining praise, stating “from the heartfelt vocals and playful lyrics, to the stomping beat and clean production - a perfect new blend of quality pop [...],” while raved “[Waters’] songs don’t leave you a moment to catch a breath, it’s a 120-mile-an-hour coaster ride which leaves you […] with your hair in a mess and your heart pumping out of your chest.” These sentiments are sure to be shared by the rest of the music industry, as well as the world, when Waters’ solo debut drops on August 2, 2011.

Ladies and gentlemen, Zak Waters, the soundtrack to your next great party.

-Alex Mosie 2011

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