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Home to irreplaceable artists like Duke Ellington, Roberta Flack, Marvin Gaye and more recently Ginuwine and Wale, Washington D.C. has bred another musical gift found in Marky – an eclectic artist bringing a refreshing sound to hip hop as we know it. From “Sheila” to “Louis Squares” and “Silent Beauty,” Marky has produced underground hits the industry craves, blending classic hip hop with his hometown’s distinctive sound, “Go-Go.”

Born Marcus Plater on December 7, 1988, Marky received first hand access to hip hop legends when most kids were just listening to their albums. From connecting one-on-one with Big Daddy Kane on a random ski trip to recording a track with Erick Sermon of EPMD at age 14 – Marky was not only developing his skill, he was learning the ins and outs of the music industry by some of the first to ever do it.

Right before his high school graduation, Marky came to a major crossroad in his life. He received a scholarship to attend the University of Maryland, College Park and was also offered a recording contract with Grammy award winning producers The Trackboyz, known for creating chart-topping hits for Nelly, Nappy Roots and J-Kwon. Realizing that ignoring his true calling was not an option, Marky accepted the recording contract. He took this opportunity to just learn from once in a lifetime opportunities like spending time at Derrty Studios with Nelly and The St. Lunatics - absorbing all he could to master his own craft and take his talents back to D.C.

Upon returning, Marky continued to climb the ladder of success and soon joined the Studio 43 roster where he became a local household name. His list of accomplishments grew from opening the Scream ’07 tour to releasing fan favorite mixtapes like The Drive Thru hosted by DJ Mick Boogie and Nothing is 43ver. Collaborating with the likes of Raheem DeVaughn, Shontelle, Murphy Lee, DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia and producer Rockwilder, Marky was causing mayhem in his hometown and soon began gaining national notoriety.

Today, Marky is signed to Universal Republic/SRC where he is working on his new project Divine Intervention. Refusing to chase trends, he is mastering his craft to be more than just “the taste of the week” seen in most artists today. Marky is developing his legacy by building his brand, Winning Streak so he can return the favors given and empower up and coming youth to be better than the status quo. Marky is an artist to look out for and embrace as he is not introducing what’s hot now but rather a new voice to the world of hip hop that will not be forgotten.

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