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Maria Volonte

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Maria Volonte

Argentine Latin Grammy nominee Maria Volonte is a singer, guitarist and composer celebrated for the intense passion and beauty of her songs as well as for her charisma and sensuality on stage. After conquering the world of tango with numerous award-winning CDs, Maria’s new work explores the fusion of Argentine music with other Latin American rhythms, jazz and the blues.

A tireless adventurer in music as in life, Maria performs 100 concerts each year on three continents, criss-crossing the globe to bring her music to new audiences. Maria has released 8 award-winning CDs. Her latest albums are "9 Vidas" (2010, Intrepid Patrol) and the career compilation “Maria Volonte: Portrait” (2010, Network) distributed worldwide by Harmonia Mundi.

Maria's current project, “The Blue Tango Tour, ” is her exploration of the deep spiritual bond that joins tango and the blues, as two genres steeped in sin, born in brothels, repressed yet always resurgent and speaking directly to our souls. Performing together with harmonica player Kevin Carrel Footer, Maria’s guitar and vocals fill the stage with the illicit pleasures of tango while Kevin’s blues harmonica echoes with the far-off whine of the solitary blues soul.

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