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Canteca de Macao

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Canteca de Macao arised almost a decade ago because a combination of coincidences in Madrid. The connection with the audience was almost immediate in a city that, by that time, was under an interesting cultural phenomenon. Immigration, certain permissiveness with live music on the street or the close relationship of the band with the university, were the key factors that caused the breeding ground for their scope.
After the first small concerts and the recording of their first demo (more than 500.000 downloads), the members of Canteca de Macao started to take the project seriously. Several record labels started to get interested in the band who, without a record in the market, was demonstrating its capacity of concentrate big audiences and were starting to stand out in festivals like Viñarock , in Spain or Rumbo a Caracas, in Venezuela.
Canteca de Macao tiptoed into the musical industry. In one hand they needed their support to turn professionals and work fulltime for the band and in the other hand, they wanted to maintain some of the principles that led them to that point. The first one was is the free download of their music through their website. Under this premise, they signed a contract with Warner for the recording of their second record “Camino de la vida entera” (2007) and the license of their first self-produced record “Cachai?” (2004). During this period they tour extensively performing over 100 gigs that led them all around the Iberian Peninsula and to many events and festivals in many countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Jordan, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Morocco, New York, Costa Rica or Chicago.
In 2007, the band had two nominations for the Music Awards: the first single of “Camino de la vida entera”, “Bellas”, was nominated in the best revelation author and Canteca de Macao received the nomination as best revelation artist.
Three years later, in 2010, the second single of this record was chosen, “Contigo”, as one of the main tunes of the sound track of the film Habitación en Roma, directed by Julio Medem.
In 2009 under the same record label they issued, “Agua pa´ la tierra”, a musically mature record that will experiment many important changes in the band. From one side, Danilo, the Chilean flute player who provided an unmistakable colour to the music of the band, decided to get back to Chile.
One night they met Enriquito, a versatile trumpeter specialized in flamenco ‐jazz and they decided to bet for the change of the sound inviting him to be part of the band.
So, 2011 has been a busy year full of expectations. In this context, the band has to face the recording of his fourth album and they decided to act according to their situation, betting for another change: they left Warner and they expose themselves to the support of their fans through a still unknown method in Spain: Crowdfunding.
The record could only be released if the fans support the band through their economical contributions before recording it.
After 40 days of efforts and media impact, Canteca de Macao were able to achieve their target some days before the predetermined period. Crowdfunding was successful and they start the recording of “Nunca es Tarde”, which includes a documentary that relates this adventure from the beginning.
For many, “Nunca es tarde” is “the record”. A reflection of the maturity and the consolidation of their sound, hatched in such a special framework as themselves. 2012 will be the year in which they will see the return of a nonstop work that is still working with more energy than ever and which has already been supported by the fans and the media, in a tour that will lead them to play all over Spain and all over the world, having engaged gigs in places like Belgium, Holland, New York, Texas or Chicago.

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