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Listen to Oslo

NOKIES! are a Japanese band formed by young passionate college students.
Their music is supported by their great sensitivities to today's indie
music scene created by various bands, such as The Strokes, The
Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, and Vampire Weekend.
Like those bands, NOKIES! know how to create a dreamy pop song and to
make us dance with a catchy guitar riff.

NOKIES! signed FLAKE RECORDS, the indie record store and label in Osaka, Japan.
FLAKE RECORDS has sold various kinds of music all over the world, and
also it has released a licensed music with foreign bands as the music
They are the first Japanese band for FLAKE RECORDS.
Actually, it has never signed any other Japanese bands before.
However, the owner decided to get the license immediately after he
listened to NOKIES!' song.

FLAKE RECORDS is pleased to introduce bright lovable Japanese band, NOKIES!.
The debut of NOKIES! will be a sensation from Japan to today's music field.
Their universal solid sound will attract all of indie music lovers in
the world beyond the sea.

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