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Listen to Ogre of the cherry tree(Sakura no Oni)

Kao=S is the trio group performs with the acoustic guitar, Tsugaru Shamisen and twin vocals, and also adopts musically and visually the element of the Japanese taste, such as Japanese sword (KATANA) dance.

Each of them had played as a solo artist, and they have united as Kao=S in December 2010.

Their peculiar style which is a mixture of Japanese traditional culture, musical and rock music fascinated many audiences immediately

Kaori Kawabuchi(vocal and sword dance) is also famous for being a motion acor in final fantasy.

Jack(tsugaru shamisen). He prays at every place of Japan,and has performed in Hong Kong and Taiwan as a respected single performer.

Shuji Yamagiri(vocal, guitar). He is a main songwriter in Kao=S,
and plays the acaustic guitar with open cord tuning.
In addition,he is a solo singer-songwriter.

Their performance has greatly impacted their audiences.

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