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Here is the next alternative music from Osaka where BOREDOMS had rised. Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Strings, Piano, Noise and several drums sounds are harmonized as one but it's difficult what's kind of music this is. Only we can say "a beautiful chaos"  Current drummers are Tatsuya Yoshida from ruins and Talow The Tornado from Nice View. Still, BOREDOMS ex-vocalist Toyohito Yoshida is as an original member.As soon as Vampillia had started performing, Rusty Santos, the producer of ANIMAL collective, has falled in love its show style and helped producing first album with his belief "Vampillia will be the world-class-artist". However, troubles of troubles had happened and the album has not completed. It means they are not world-class-artist yet. However, mini-album "sppears" was released in 2009. In 2011, jarboe(from Swans) and merzbow joined and created album "alchemic heart" together which released from important records.  This is appraised as 8.0 from pitchfork. Pitch fork review

Same year 2011, another album 'rule the world' was released from Italy rabel Code666. This album concept was 'Latin grind core band admires X-Japan' so it is strange why it was Italy.  Now, their own first full-album 'some nightmares bring you aurora rainbow darkness' has been created wirh producer Ben Frost. Recording was in greenhouse studio where bjork and sigur ros music were born, and the sutudio's best team member helped the album production.The music gives strong impression of overwhelming speciality and mysteriously universal sounds. This must be welcomed with surprise by world in 2012.World tour2008 New York tour with tujiko noriko2009 Australia tour soldout2010 Australia tour soldout2011 SXSW2011New York tour with jarboeEourope mini-tour in Iceland, Oslo, Belgium, London (soldout)2012 SXSW participation fixed   On stage with follow artists;GANG GANG Dance, Jackie-O matherfucker,Joan of ark, the locust,Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell, MICE PARADE, NO AGE, FENNESZ,jim O'rouke, OM,Mani Neumeier(guru guru),Sir Richard Bishop,ARAB STRAP,the Ktl, RUINS, Merzbow, Boris, World's end girlfriend, Melt Banana,masonna etc 

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