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Wednesday, March 18
8:50PM - 9:20PM

801 Red River St


Hi Hi Howdy Howdy Hi Hi
Introducing Shamir

Shamir is Shamir Bailey, a 19-year-old musician from Las Vegas. He grew up not on the strip but in the desert, right across the street from a pig farm. Like many people his age, Shamir listens to all kinds of music, and sees no difference between Taylor Swift and Mac DeMarco. He played in a punk band called Anorexia, and taught himself guitar by learning old country songs. Northtown, his debut EP on small New York label GODMODE, had gospel, house, pop, disco, and country elements.

But mostly? That voice. It’s Shamir’s alien, androgynous voice that got people talking this year. Nothing sounds like Shamir, and nope, that’s not falsetto. As powerful as it is though, Shamir’s voice has a humble quality to it. He uses simple words and sings about relatable feelings. He knows which words to simmer on, and which ones to let go. Shamir can be exuberant, and his joy can be infectious...

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Las Vegas, NV

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