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Nova Rockafeller

Wednesday, March 18
12:00AM - 12:40AM


Attempting to define L.A.-based emcee Nova Rockafeller is not easy. Born in Canada and raised in Jamaica, Nova is brash and aggressive but almost offputtingly adorable. She’s an independent, hardworking stoner whose true love, besides her music, is the 90s. More than anything, though, she’s just distinctly Nova.
Born in Edmonton, Ontario, Nova fell in love with music at an early age but troubles at home prevented her from pursuing her passion. “My family moved me to Jamaica, where I stood out so much I had to develop a thick skin and start getting aggressive.” This aggression followed Nova into adolescence, when she was placed in group homes back in Canada.
“I was a pretty bad kid,” she says of that time in her life. “You know, stealing, running away, lots of drugs and stuff. But when I was sixteen, I started getting into freestyling with my friends and I knew I needed to keep doing it.” Nova dropped out of school and mov...

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Edmonton, AB, CANADA

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