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Wednesday, March 18
10:00PM - 10:40PM

401 W 2nd St


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Heaney is a guy from South Brooklyn who was born on 9/22/83. Then there’s Heeney, four guys who formed a band on 12/12/12 as a joke, the end result of inebriated grand plans formed in the friendly confines of Brooklyn DIY venue Shea Stadium. What to make of these namesakes? Heeney smokes but Heaney doesn’t smoke. Heaney gets drunk and Heeney also gets drunk. They’ve each got one sister — no more, no less. But above all the granular descriptors, both Heaney and Heeney embody an irreverence towards the status quo that articulates itself in everything they do. Earnest and straightforward, Heeney the band translates the ethos of Heaney the man into straight up rock and roll -- no half time bullshit, just fast, loud, brutal songs that snap and stop on a dime. Heeney is not trendy. Heeney doesn’t complain. Heeney is full of shit, but Heeney means every word they say.

On that fated evening in December, Max Kagan (formerly of L...

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Brooklyn, NY

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