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Big Phony


Big Phony is a Seoul based Singer/Songwriter. Born Robert Choy, to parents who immigrated to the United States from South Korea in the late 60's. A New York City native, he started learning the guitar at age 12 and wrote his first song at age 14. At 14 his family relocated to Los Angeles, leaving him in New York so he could attend the legendary School of Performing Arts and Music and Art. Living alone at such an early age, Big Phony devoted his time to writing in his New York City apartment. His friends and family know him simply as “Bobby.”

With strong religious conviction, Big Phony left for Boston to attend a Christian college to study to be a pastor. He quickly realized that this was not the path for him and returned his focus to his music. After college, he moved to Los Angeles to be closer with his family. It was in Los Angeles where Big Phony began his pursuit to be a singer-songwriter. He quickly built a devout fan base with his songs and performances. In early 2006 he returned to New York to build that same kind of following and began to split his time between both cities crashing on couches and aerobeds.

In 2011 Big Phony made the decision to relocate to the country his parents originally hailed from - South Korea. He currently resides in Seoul, where he continues his journey and commitment to be an artist.

Big Phony delivers honest lyrics and natural talent. There’s a fragile but controlled quality in his voice, which he attributes to thin apartment walls and easily disgruntled neighbors. Fans of Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, and Death Cab For Cutie will instinctively gravitate towards Big Phony’s sound.

Hi latest albums "LONG LIVE THE LIE" (#10 on iTunes Electronic Chart) and "BOBBY" (#75 on iTunes Singer-Songwriter Chart) Released Feb 2014.

Spin Magazine taps Big Phony as a "Safe Bet" amongst must see bands at SXSW 2014.

Press Quotes:

“The theme song for “My Way” (penned by Bobby Choy aka “Big Phony”) will also appear on Andrea Bocelli’s live album that will be released on December 15. Andrea Bocelli had stated, “This song’s beautiful lyrics and melody moved my heart.” ~ Soompi.com

His music gets compared most often to Elliot Smith - and like Elliot Smith, Choy is soft-spoken and awkward in person. But when he's performing, listeners are struck by his beautiful voice and engaging, heartbreaking lyrics." ~ 944 Magazine

“...like Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, and AImee Mann - all of them great - Big Phony continues to surprise listeners who don’t know quite what to expect from someone with the name
Big Phony” ~ MTV News w/ John Norris

"Big Phony - Singer-songwriter channels Holden Caulfield" ~ Theme Magazine

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