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Nico Wells


St. Louis Native, Nico Wells, was raised in a full house; 2 brothers, a sister, mother and father. Due to his parents work schedule, he and his siblings stayed with their Dad’s mother when they were young. There, his grandmother made sure he went to Sunday services and bible studies FAITHFULLY. "I didn't retain much about Jesus back then," Nico explains, "but I do remember those hats Granny use to step out in!....Custom made of course. I guess you can say that’s when that seed was planted." Throughout his adolescence, he felt as if God had been sending people his way to water that seed. His grandmother's house was his earliest memory of having a love for music. "Every Friday she use to blast some of her old school records," he says. Which could probably explain his love for the "old school".

His interest in music really sparked in middle school, after friends convinced him to write his first rap. "I was told that my first 16 was pretty hot for an 11 year old," says Nico, "so I continued to write, and my skills grew as I did". He and his friends developed a small fan base after hitting a few stages around Missouri. Although they were secular, it seemed as if the opportunity to participate in church events were always at their feet. "I now know that reason," Nico explains, "but at that time, I could only do so many “gospel” songs......it just didn’t feel right. I didn’t enjoy the feeling of being a hypocrite." Even then, he knew that you couldn’t serve two masters (Matt 6:24), but he wasn’t ready to serve God. "I was too busy living for myself; chasing after my own dreams and desires instead of caring about His will for my life," he adds. But once the Lord started tugging at his heart, and conviction started to drive him crazy, he finally surrendered and gave his life to Christ. "When my eyes were opened to the ways of the world, versus the way God calls us to live," he shares, "I knew there was no way I could return to my life of sin." Now, happily married and 3 years into salvation, he's chasing after Jesus instead of chasing fame. He's becoming a fisher of men, so that he can help save others from the same destructive path he once walked. "No longer will I seek temporary pleasures over everlasting life. No longer will I accept the glory which is due to Him. I mean, He deserves it all......so if He’s going to be jealous for me, then I’ll be Nico wells for Him. That's all I can be."

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