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Texas Never Whispers


“The never-ending nightlife that we just can’t let go” opens the song Always Drunk, Tim Regan’s high-energy anthem to not giving into weariness, and not aging gracefully. Old enough to know better, Texas Never whispers is a band of stage veterans who never gave up their love of playing rock and roll.
“This is a band of lifers,” Regan says. The band evokes the ethos of craftsmanship, and beneath the sounds and shimmer is a hard-won bedrock that comes from years of driving all night to play an empty bar in Iowa or Idaho, staying up all night to nail the solo in the studio even if you suffer all the next day, because it’s worth it.
They’ve fought to earn these chops and it shows. Fresh from recording a debut album at Shelby Foote’s mansion in Memphis Tennessee, Texas Never Whispers- Tim Regan, Dave Quanbury, Joel Calvin, Greg Barkley, and Daniel Wilcox-composed of long-time fixtures on the Austin scene, is the sound of the good guys winning.

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