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Jillette Johnson


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On August 14th singer-songwriter Jillette Johnson released the smoldering and passionate debut EP Whiskey & Frosting. It's an intimate and boldly emotional five-song collection of stately pop from a unique and unflinchingly honest artist. Johnson's commitment to her distinct vision is thorough and uncompromising, from her willingness to explore the raw and controversial in her lyrics, to her unwillingness to give into tempting hot ticket-career opportunities.
Whiskey & Frosting is one of those rare and revelatory debuts where you experience a young songwriter with a highly mature sense of artistic self. The NYC-based singer-piano player wrote all the songs on the EP, and her upcoming album set for release on May 14th. The piano-based songs unfold with honeyed drama and grandeur, showcasing her soaring vocals which manage to both be comforting and spiritually rousing.
The EP and upcoming album, were produced by Peter Zizzo, widely respected for developing Vanessa Carlton and Avril Lavigne, and Michael Mangini, esteemed for his work with Joss Stone, Bruce Hornsby, and David Byrne. The duo's innate understanding of Johnson's singular vision, and respect for her fully-formed compositions helped them enhance the power and dynamics of the music. "They maintained the spirit of the songs - they still are a 100% of my songs - they're just turned way up on the amp"
Reflectively, Jillette Johnson says: "I have a specific point of view and I follow my instincts. My sensibility has been in tune with my emotions. I'm always honest with what I feel. I'm passionate with my songs to a fault."