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Big Choo


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Born in New Orleans, La., Donald (big choo) Morris Jr. is a household name in the bounce community for his artistic contributions to the music. Producer, dancer, hype-man and voice personality just some of his titles. CEO Gameova Entertainment, Big Choo has worked in the bounce scene for years providing albums such as (ya boy big choo) (bounce back with that beat) (blazer the beat contract) (the best kept secret) (the gameova-takeova) John Legend's (so high) remix still proves to be one of Big Choo's biggest hit today. Inspired by bounce artist 5th Ward Weebie, Big Choo continues to actively work everyday in bounce particularly with the kids of our community. In 2011, Big Choo produced a remix of (reading rainbow) for the opening of a New Orleans public library. Reading Rainbow is just another angle of what we have to come in the future. We are creating original things and making sure it comes with this message.