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Game Over Hound


Listen to f**k her like a dog

He started out as a bounce dancer for 1 of the most popular male dance teams GameOva Boyz music has always been his dream and goals he always was a entertainer at a young age from talent shows to school dance and parties he got a jump start by gameova ent. Ceo Big Choo to move him up as the promoter for the team then had a break by big choo he told him to get the mic and host the event the ppl loved him then from their to the studio the next 2 weeks its be going good fans luv his sex appeal raw and uncut style just what the ladies love so its be going on for 3 years total with 2 years of club hosting and 1 year of bounce rapping but with the best combonation you can ask for in a boubce artist dancer,event host,and new orleans bounce rapper ready to take on the world by storm or as how he say GameOva Hound bout to get down