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Hess Is More


Listen to Creation Keeps the Devil Away ?

Hess Is More will perform at SXSW in TRIO format.

Hess Is More TRIO:
Lovely Liar - Vocals
Rasmus Bille Bahncke - SH101 & Laptop
Mikkel Hess - Dums, Bass & Vocal

Hess Is More

Let's make the fine arts more popular ?
And the popular arts more fine ?

Danish musician Mikkel Hess functions as minister of integration in this ongoing musical adventure.
Hess Is More functions across genres and artforms, mainly focusing on recordings and live concerts, but also drawing inspiration and experience from collaborations in theatre, ballet, film and fine arts.

Hess Is More has recieved Danish Grammy Award, various other rewards and nominations in Europe and was selected as Top 10 Best Artists by Time Out Magazine New York in 2010.

Since the release of their recent album "Creation Keeps the Devil Away?" Hess Is More has toured in their usual unusual larger orchestral live format, playing 60+ concerts in Scandinavia, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, U.S. & Canada. This years appearance at SXSW will be a rare presentation of the TRIO format, which is slightly more on the techy side of things.