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Listen to Smile

When they first met at a dive arcade in Koreatown Los Angeles, Eddingtonn "The California Cowboy" spoke on only one topic:

"The house fly has compound eyes, meaning one "eye" is composed from many,many small little eyes.They have two compound eyes, but it is most likely unknown how many "little eyes" they have."

The objective remains simple; created a sound that is 50% Extra Terrestrial and 50% Hulk, conveniently bottled into the body of Jeff Goldblum (the only fly they can relate to). Cinchy right? Since then they've been puttin it down. With soulful, 80's funk heavy, crispy kick beats produced by Tulip "Barth Grooks" Pezley, Oddience strives to make you rock, bop, and smile. Backed and fronted with refrigerator harmonies, ohhh's, ahha's, sha-woops by the likes of female super talent Miche "The 100 Watt" Maya, hip-hop's best new trio leave the kids sayin "God damn,yes sir!" Its just that good amigo.