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The colloquialism “caddywhompus” is defined by such adjectives as “uneven,” “crooked” and “out of whack”—a list which could, in some instances, allude to the mind-bending sounds of the experimental noise-pop band who bears said name but whom can otherwise be described thus: spot on. Quasi-fraternal twins Sean Hart (drums) and Chris Rehm (guitar/vocals) have been playing music together since their middle school days, establishing their most serious project to date in September of 2008. Since then, they have played over 150 shows, the majority of them outside their native waters. With a daunting assortment of amplifiers and effects-pedal tweakery, the duo executes its incredibly loud and at times nearly overwhelming sets with an impeccable musicianship and live presence. Song structures alternate between sweet psychedelic indie ballads to the most intense, ear-splitting of noise-driven crescendos. Showcasing such raw emotion everywhere from cramped basements to the swankest of clubs, delivering sonic rapture to both veteran punks and seasoned hipsters alike.

Caddywhompus has shared the stage with such acts as Zach Hill, The Antlers, Japanther, Cursive, Sleigh Bells, Givers, Tera Melos, and a long list of other local and national performers. They have two EPs worth of material under their belts, as well as a new full length, all of which—true to their D.I.Y. roots—were composed and recorded themselves, and can be downloaded for free at Their new EP [The Weight], released on New Orleans-based Chinquapin Records, has proven itself a more focused and cohesive representation of their unique sound, and these young men have completed two full months of touring in support of it. Shit’s dope.

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