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Yan Wagner


Listen to Recession Song

Yan Wagner is a young French-American artist. He was born and still lives in Paris but made his first solo appearances during an extended stay in New York City in 2008-2009.

He writes and performs all his songs, merging electronic beats and sounds with a low and crooning voice. His influences span many genres and time frames, from Depeche Mode to D.A.F., from Prince to Tangerine Dream, from neo disco to early Detroit Techno... All these entrenched in a timeless Pop gesture.

In the past year, Wagner has been playing numerous shows in France and other major cities like London, New York and Paris, and supported bands such as :

AIR (fifteen dates on their last LOVE 2 tour )


Midnight Juggernauts,

Hercules & Love Affair


He played at the last MAMA festival in Paris.

Yan Wagner debut 12inch EP was released in early 2012 by UNO (New York City based quality dance music label) includes 2 original tracks and 2 remixes by disco warriors In Flagranti and New Jersey's wonderboy Pink Stallone and praised by International DJs such as Erol Alkan, Mighty Mouse, etc.

His first album produced by Arnaud Rebotini (founder member of Black Strobe) will be released in CD and Digital on May 2012 (Pschent Music) and distributed by Alliance Entertainment in US.

All the songs featured on the album are in English except for one, which was performed en français with French pop superstar Etienne Daho, whose tremendous career started in the new wavey 1980s, never to slow down.


- "Recession Song" released on the Kistune Parisien compilation in February 2011 (qualified as one of the best titles of the compilation by many journalists/bloggers)

- First 12" EP Turmoil released on UNO Rec. (NYC based quality dance music label)

- Many remixes including some for Black Strobe, Etienne Daho " Amoureux Solitaire" for the tribute to Jacno project, Leno Lovecraft, Minitel Rose, Juveniles, etc...

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