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If you think Rock bands usually have just one frontman then think again! Gush are unexpected. They have four multi -instrumental frontmen. Four individual lead singers. Four creative energies: Yan, Xavier, Mathieu and Vincent.

But Gush is also a band that wears their hearts on their collective sleeve, pooling their ideas and sharing their inspiration in the studio and onstage. These guys grew up loving vocal harmonies. Their varied influences, combined with their solid rock background, have inspired Gush to use their natural talent for harmonising and arranging to develop their very own original sound, which has become their signature style. Their music speaks for itself.

Then there is Gush live, and this is where the band truly stands out: Four genuine musicians who share an irresistible chemistry and energy onstage, capturing a communal feeling between audience and live performers in concert. These guys are unpredictable. They alternate lead singers for distinctive voice range and tone. They skillfully navigate from one instrument to another with incredible ease, producing wicked grooves, tuneful hooks & and gutsy riffs, giving Gush an independent identiy.
Gush just leave you on a high, making you want to come back for more...

Gush are now recording their second album for release in October 2012...Get ready to Gush for life!

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