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Mr. Bleat

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Mr. Bleat is the character responsible for collecting the ideas of four colombian musicians and give them a voice in the format commonly known as rock quartet. Playing since 2007 He's interested in raw sounds, is an ally of the machines and the electrical and digital sound sources. He also likes the vintage sounds of drums, guitars and distortion. The Colombian Indie Rock band may sound like Electro-pop, Synth-pop or new wave, with electronic sounds, rock guitars and a sweet female pop-punk vocals.

With two self-released albums, Mr. Disco (Ep - 2010) and Señor Bleat (Lp - 2011), the band has played on the most important venues in the country, with performances at festivals in different cities like Medellín, Bogotá and Cali. Sharing the stage with bands like Miike Snow, Crystal Castles, Plastilina Mosh, Bomba Estereo and Mexican Institute of Sound among other.

Mr. bleat's always thinking about how to transmit their music alive.The concert becomes the place where it seeks a balance between the machine and the human being, the strength of a dehumanized beat and the naturalness of a rock quartet whose members randomly exchange of instruments. The inclusion of extra-musical and visual elements, set design and costumes are part of the ideal of making the concert in an artistic experience for the audience.

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