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Kali Mutsa

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It all started with myth, not history…
She was born sometime in August, 1920 in the Valley of Pachacutí in the region of Tarapacá under the name Pharaoh Koralle Esperanza del Carmen Pantic. Her parents were rom musical artists from the Cherine caste, the most influential Gypsy tribe in the performing arts, who traveled to Chile from the south of France during those years to try their luck.

They dubbed their daughter KALI MUTSA because they were devotees to Kali Sara, who according to legend is the daughter of Maria Magdalene, and Mutsa ("Cat" in Roman) because she had cat eyes according to the healer and violinist Sarah Tikuna.

She was orphaned at a young age and raised by a Ñusta and a Curaca from the area. And at 15 she began her artistic journey in the "Circo Andino de Alejandria”, then as a belly dancer, singer of the Orquesta Sulyana del Norte and as an actress in great musicals such as "El Hombre Enamorado de una Estrella", "Suerte Mariano, Suerte Maria", "Ana Gloria" and “La Ñusta Viperina”, all timeless classics from the golden age of nortino cinema.

Her work with the great musical composer and film director of Amazonian origin, Sandoje Catiri, earned her recognition far and wide throughout all of Latin America, which she toured performing in all major cultural hubs at the time such as Puerto Natales, Cochabamba, Santiago de Chile, Manaus, Jujuy, Salta and Iquitos.

Even as a mother of several children, some birthed and then some, she devoted much of her life to her people and their land, eventually becoming a representative for the region and participating in revolutions that made her a figure of controversy, as reported by a historian of that time, which became a turning point in the history of Chile. It is said she was instrumental in the process of establishment of a modern Chile, ruled by the middle classes, which had started after the ruling of Don Arturo Alessandri, better known as the "Lion of Tarapacá", marked the end of an oligarchic and outdated era.

Today, with over 90 years of age, KALI reappears after a mysterious and incomprehensible abscondment of several decades. She brings with her, amazing music, as fresh and radiant as her look, which she attributes to the virtues of her native Pachacutí valley, legendary and as one of a kind as a jungle in the middle of the Atacama Desert, which embodies the Tupac Amaru dream...

... The dream of a land where there are no slaves and no one is belittled, where they speak all languages and can talk with animals, and where nature and tradition are expressed with total madness and creativity ... so is Pachacutí, as so is KALI MUTSA ... as is her music!

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