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After 8 years of making a name for himself on the underground rap scene, Chaundon continues his journey to leave his mark with in the Hip-Hop Community. Chaundon has proved his place in the game with 6 mixtape releases including: Slow Leaks (2003), Live From The 718 (2004), Ambitions Of A Writer (2007), Venom (2007), Black Dynamite (2009), Black Dynamite’s Revenge (2009).

These releases also included one EP, Chaundon Presents…Baby Making Music (2010), and two full length LP’s: Carnage (2008) and No Excuses (2010).

Chaundon is a remarkable entertainer and a versatile artist with a strong and expressive voice, making him a favorite within the Hip-Hop community. Packed with constant motion, Chaundon’s performances exude crowd-pumping energy that typically culminates in him literally running through the audience. Over all, his combination of lyrical prowess and high-octane performance style continues to make Chaundon one of Hip-Hop’s premier artists to watch.

In 2011, Chaundon launched Golden Era Music Inc, a multi-faceted independent record label that looks to release records across the genres of Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock and Country, under digital distribution by Empire Distribution. In addition to the label, Chaundon has secured a licensing deal with Songs For Film & T.V. and plans to release 3 albums, starting with The Jammington on March 6, 2012.

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