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Unity is a very unique and versatile group of youngsters who are enjoying the prime of their lives traveling and singing about their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Mixing a traditional quartet sound with a neo-soul, jazz, contemporary flare, Unity has a sound like non other. With deep roots in the church, Unity consists of big brother (and the only male in the group) lead singer :Bryant "bro" Harris. He is known locally as "The Maestro"! Next on drums is Perishia "penny" Harris, known as "the Diva", who also sings soprano and is a senior at Sam Houston State University. Next, is Carriesa "wanda" Porch who plays the keyboard, and also sings the tenor or "bottom" voice, she is known as "the jokester" of the group and currently attends Media Tech Institue in Houston, Tx. Last but not least is Marquisha "Q" Culbreath, she is the groups bassist and sings the alto or "middle" voice, she is known as the groups "Preacher" and is currently a Senior at Texas A&M University. The groups manager and spiritual advisers are their parents Evangelist Carolyn D. Harris, Pastor Perry L. Harris and Evangelist Lynda Porch. Their most recent product is there 2010 cd release titled "Something Worth Living for" and their latest live dvd's titled "Live in Tyler, Tx" and "Unity's 7th anniversary".

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